About the Blog:

This site is merely a place to jot down ideas. A lot of my stuff may seem strange and not quite well thought out but the point isn’t to publicizes theories but to record ideas. So if you like what you read, great! If not, oh well. But regardless please comment. And please don’t steal (I want to write about all these things at a latter date)…

About the Ideas:

I consider myself a part of the “analytical” tradition. Mainly I think many philosophical problems (not all) can be attributed to linguistic problems. While I enjoy analytical philosophy I also enjoy Foucault (his work not the dead man). So just because I enjoy it doesn’t mean I think it is true or correct.

About Me:

I’m am… or at least something is, and I’m just fine being (presumably) a part of that something. I am not a zombie. And am likely crazy. Or maybe I’m not crazy at all, merely pathetic. Oh well, time will tell.

English is so strange.


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